The Preparedness Community’s Guide to A Micro Biz and Increasing Your Finances – ebook


35 pages – PDF Format


Would you…

    • Pay Down Debt?
    • Purchase More Food and Water Supplies?
    • Purchase that Rural Property?
    • Build Your Emergency Reserves?


If you find yourself only dreaming about being better prepared for a crisis, then it is time to do something about it!  You need to start bringing in more money into your family budget!  And while you’re at it, why not do it by doing something you love?



The Preparedness Community’s Guide to A Micro Biz and Increasing Your Finances is more than an eBook.  It is a solution to a problem that many Preppers face, a place where other like-minded individuals understand your reason for doing what you do, preparedness!

When you purchase Micro Biz, you are also purchasing access to a specially created forum where preppers can talk about their business ideas, get advice and encouragement, find and share resources, all to grow their business, so they can change their financial outlook.

Every Prepper, no matter who they are, can build a Micro Biz to benefit their finances! 

Buy the eBook, join the forums and a community that can help support each other in their Micro Biz AND get better prepared!



Purchase this eBook and access to the PW Forum.

Purchase the eBook (PDF) and get access to the forum – $12.00.



I Truly Believe this is For Every Prepper!

Running Prepper Website has blessed me with the ability to do something I love and allowed me to earn money so I can get better prepared.  Everyone has this ability.  You just need some support and resources to help you earn money and do what you love to do!

Why are you wasting time doing things that don’t bring value to you and your family?  When you use your time wisely, doing what you love, you can earn extra money to pay down debt, stash away a reserve for a rainy day and get better prepared! 



You Can Trust Prepper Website – Respected in the Preparedness Community!

The forum is owned by Prepper Website, so you don’t have to worry about some social media, anti-prepper, left-leaning group blocking what you can see!  You get to see it all! 

The forum also has preparedness related topics that you can participate in if you like. This Prepper Website community doesn’t listen to you, scrape your data or force you to see crazy things!  This is an added benefit to purchasing the eBook!

Get the eBook and Join the Community Today!