Prepper Bundle

Prepper Website Bundle



This bundle combines 8 preparedness resources: ebooks, worksheets, audio and video files that you can download to your computer.  This is what is included:

Your Family Matters – (ebook –  PDF)

This ebook is over 50-pages of articles that have been written around the theme of your family.

Prep Tips that Pay Off Big – (ebook – PDF)

Topics like preparedness lifestyle, money, kids and security are covered in this 16-page ebook.

Family Emergency Contact – (worksheet – PDF)

This is an editable PDF.  You can easily create a PDF with important family communication information like phone numbers of immediate family, but also extended family.  You can include emergency service phone numbers, along with brief instructions of what family members should do in an emergency.  Create this contact page once, save it and print it out so every family member can have multiple copies!

Hiding in Plain Sight – (multi-document)

Are you worried about keeping important information like account numbers and passwords on a written piece of paper in your office?  This resource will show you how to hide information in plain sight.

Building an Effective EDC – (Video & Audio)

This 30-minute video will walk you through how to build an effective EDC kit.  You can also download the mp3 version of this video if you want to listen to the audio version on the go.

Bug Out Bag Food Ideas and Tips – (Audio)

Audio from a video I shared on food ideas that you can incorporate into your bug out bag.

Considerations for SHTF and TEOTWAWKI – (Audio)

Audio from a video I shared on prepper considerations for SHTF and TEOTWAWKI.

Access to the Prepper Website Forum – (Online Forum)

The Prepper Website Forum is a private forum.  You won’t have to worry about bots or trolls when you interact with others.  This is also a great alternative for preppers who don’t want to interact on social media.