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How Preppers Learn Without Becoming Overwhelmed and Losing It!


Having knowledge and skills in any situation makes the difference!  But having prepper knowledge and skills in areas where it can be a life and death situation should be something that preppers work on!


Imagine for a second needing to make a fire and not even knowing where to start.  Imagine people were counting on you, like your family. They waited around, cold and hungry, while you “flicked your Bic” and tried to burn some paper to get a real fire started.


Now imagine needing to start a fire and you immediately knew what to do, grabbing some dried grass, pencil-sized pieces of wood, then thumb-sized then bigger.  You sent your spouse and kids out to find some bigger pieces of wood while you “flicked your Bic” and had a nice cozy fire for them to come back to and warm up.  You moved to cook and soon the family was warm and fed!


You’ll be surprised how many people can’t start a simple fire out there.  It’s understandable, we are a “modern” society now. You just need to know how to turn a knob.


But knowing how to build a fire is important.  Hey, you might be the hero and save the day when the kids get to make their smores after all!


But, let’s not just stay here with fire.  Let’s move to other important knowledge and skills like food storage and having safe water to drink.  What about self-defense, cooking, staying warm or cool and budgeting?


There is a lot to learn!


Luckily, it’s not hard.  You just need to spend the time learning and practicing.  How much?


Not as much as you think!  


Watch this 20-minute video on how long you need to spend on learning a new skill!



Ok, you can’t get totally prepared in 20 hours, but you can put some serious knowledge and become proficient in specific skills in that time!


The problem with preparedness is that it can become a hole.  Yes, a rabbit hole. And like Alice, you can find yourself going deeper and deeper down the hole, spending countless hours bouncing around from website to website.  And before you know it, you have head knowledge, but you haven’t had any real practice.


You need a plan!


You can develop your own plan, or you can use this one.  I have also prepared a PDF version of the plan below with live links so you can keep it on your desktop or even your phone.


Plan to devote ONLY 30 minutes a day to Preparedness!   


Why 30 minutes?  Because it is doable AND, if you are purposeful, you can get through a lot of preparedness in 30 minutes.  But most importantly, you have a life and your family won’t think you have turned into weird Uncle Fester who lives on a farm and is waiting for the zombies!


30 minutes a day x 5 days a week is 2 ½ hours a week.  That turns into 10 hours a month. And 120 hours in one year.  Do you think you can learn some preparedness in that time? You sure can!


So how do you fill those 30 minutes?  Let’s start!


Scan the Articles on Prepper Website – Prepper Website posts the best of survival, bushcraft, homesteading and alternative news every day.  Somewhere between 8-12 articles get posted 24/7.  


  • Look for an interesting article you want to read


Scan the Dedicated Pages on Prepper Website.  There are seven pages that are dedicated to specific topics on Prepper Website.  Each page consists of some of the best websites that cover those topics. The seven pages are:


  • Alt. News Hub – Covers alternative news that isn’t covered in the lame, I mean mainstream media.
  • Conspiracy Galore – Filled with websites that lean more to covering conspiracy type news.
  • Shooter’s Gallery – Nothing but firearms.
  • Frugal Living – Shows articles from websites that cover saving money and living frugally.
  • D.I.Y. – Do It Yourself articles and websites.
  • Totally Homestead – Articles from websites that cover homesteading topics.
  • Page 2 News – This page covers a wide range of topics from pandemics, liberty, collapse, stock market, war, 2nd amendment and more.


  • Scan the page that interests you and read any article that interests you.  Use the dropdown menu in the top right corner.  Being aware of what is going on in the world is important to preppers because what happens in one part of the world will affect us here in the US.


Focus your attention on a specific topic by reading articles that are tagged in the Tag Cloud.  Every article that is linked on Prepper Website is tagged and shows up in the tag cloud. This is perfect because if you are looking for a specific article, you know exactly where to go.  You can go to Google, but then you’ll have to sift through all the junk. You know if you click on a link in the Tag Cloud that the article is from a preparedness-related site.


  • Spend time reading articles on Food Storage – here, here and here.
  • Spend time reading articles on Water – here, here and here.
  • Spend time reading articles on Hygiene – here.
  • Spend time reading articles on Medical Prep – here, here and here.
  • Spend time reading articles on Defense – here and here.
  • Make a note of any other topics that come up and are specific to your family and situation.  You can visit the Tag Cloud – here.


Special Note: If you happen to click on a link that goes to a website that doesn’t exist any longer, don’t fear!  Watch the video below.


Up your food storage game!  Enroll in the FREE eCourse, “Three Ways to Get Started in Long Term Food Storage.”  This course will take you 1 hour to get through, so do it over two days!



Read the Article – The Prepper Website FREE Checklist for Preppers.  While you are there, download the free 225+ checklist in PDF, Excel or Sheets and edit it to make it your own.


  • Remember that the article is a guide and you shouldn’t take the checklist to the store and purchase everything on it!


Do you have times when you drive in a car or train to work, exercise or just work in a room in your home?  Use that time to do double duty and listen to The Prepper Website Podcast. There are so many FREE podcast catchers now that make it very easy for you to listen in every week.



Another way that you can get a quick hit of Preparedness on your phone or email is to sign-up for the FREE email course, “Build a More Self-Reliant Life.”  You’ll get one email a week that will cover a major aspect of preparedness.



One powerful way to learn nowadays is to watch video.  Most people are visual learners and Youtube has so much video that you couldn’t get through in a lifetime!  If you are looking for a good Prepper Youtube Channel, you can visit Prepper Website and scroll down the right column to find all the Youtube Channels that we have linked to!



Throughout history, those who wanted to learn read books.  And although we have the internet, Youtube and podcasts, reading books is still a very important way to learn.  If you are looking for some physical books to add to your Preparedness Library and more importantly your knowledge and skills, we recommend these below.



Download old versions of The Preparedness Review.  TPR was an eJournal of articles from preparedness authors.  There were 5 editions packed full of articles!



Join the Prepper Website Email List!  The email list will keep you up-to-date on what is happening in the Prepper Website Community.  New information is usually first released through the email list.



Remember!!!!  Preparedness can be a long rabbit hole that you go down and wind up getting “end rot,” if you know what I mean.  There are two important thoughts I want to leave you with.


One – You don’t want to only gain knowledge.  You want to practice the knowledge you are learning.  Make it practical and work from common sense.


Second – Make sure you limit yourself to 30 minutes a day.  Set a time if you have to. You want to be dedicated to learn and practice and you want to be dedicated to limit yourself to 30 minutes.



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